5 of the Best Traditional Japanese Dishes

Japanese food is a popular cuisine in the world. You’ll find many Japanese restaurants and menu at almost all countries across the globe. And that’s because Japanese dishes are well-loved for many good reasons. 

First, they have perfected the variety, balance, and cooking techniques at every delicious meal. The Japanese also has a flair in food presentations. They have some of the best asthetically presented food. Their dishes are also made from fresh, high-quality seasonal ingredients.

If you’re thinking about experiencing Japan’s art of gastronomy, here are top traditional dishes you must never miss:

#1 Sushi

Who could’ve missed these unique raw rolls of fishes? It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular Japanese dishes in the world. 

Japan’s history with sushi was etched thousands of years ago. It started from using the rice to aid the fermenting process of the raw fish. In fact, those wrapped sushi rice used to be discarded once the process was complete. But today, people have adapted to the more modernized sushi culture where everything is tastefully unmissed – They all go straight into the mouth!

#2 Sashimi

Before the Japanese learned to enjoy sushi, their first love was sashimi. Sashimi refers to any thinly sliced produce. These are raw fishes, beef, or chicken. But unlike sushi, sashimi doesn’t come with rice. 

#3 Tempura

Any deep-fried foods are just tastefully gorgeous. There’s something about them that you can’t resist. One great example would be Japan’s famous tempura. These are battered fishes, seafood, or vegetables deeply fried in oil. The result? Crispy fried perfection! You can enjoy it on its own, but many foodies prefer dipping them in salt or sauce.

#4 Miso Soup

Miso soups are like household staples. They represent Japan’s local dining culture where it is paired with almost any traditional meal. They may look simple, but wait until they meet your taste buds. You’ll be surprised to experience a savory umami element. Miso soups come with a variety of ingredients, like seafood and meat. Nevertheless, they are great to enjoy year-round.

#5 Udon

When it comes to the Japanese cuisine’s versatility, a prime example would be their udon. It’s one of the well-cherished dish in Japan (and internationally too) because of their chewy factor, delicious taste, and inexpensive price. You can enjoy it hot or cold. And the best thing is, it goes perfectly well with almost any topping possible! You can experiment all you want and come up with your own favorite udon mix.

Have you tried any of these? What can you say? We’d love to hear your thoughts about these Japanese favorites in the comment box below.