About Us

Wa Sarara is a local Japanese restaurant. We serve traditional Japanese favorites and modern culinary delights from different regions of Asia and China. These meals are crafted to perfection, interpreted and executed in its most authentic form.

Wa Sarara is owned and operated by a Japanese chef and businessman, Mr. Haruto. It was established in 2000 as a tiny local Japanese eatery. The restaurant continues to flourish in time until it became one of the most sought-after food hubs in the region.

People come to Wa Sarara to experience our unique blend of traditional and modern Japanese authentic cuisine. Our dishes come from a wide variety of local favorites from the different regions of the country. They are thoroughly cooked and prepared by Wa Sarara’s powerful kitchen team, headed by Mr. Haruto himself. Throughout our years of service, they whip up excellent cuisine that local Japanese foodies love.

Wa Sarara thrives in the industry, and it’s hard to miss the restaurant that has become a household name for its quality of food and customer satisfaction. Our local food spot has become a part of the cultural stop for visitors coming in the country to taste and experience real and tasty Japanese dishes. We have become a go-to of families, couples, businessmen, and foreign and local Japanese foodies. 

They choose Wa Sarara in all their personal and business gatherings because of the comfort and style that we inculcate in our foods and in our space. So, come and visit us soon. We are conveniently located in Ichinomiya City Daigeji Nagahata 10. We’re open daily from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm.

We’re looking forward to serving you!