5 Must-Know Tips for Your Japanese Food Adventure

If you’re going to Japan soon, here are unmissable tips to make your Japanese culinary experience more worthwhile:

#1 Go for tiny local restaurants if you are looking for a cheaper dining experience.

It is no secret that Japan is an expensive country to travel to. Their foods are one of the reasons you’ll need to save a lot for this trip. But if you want to try their traditional Japanese cuisine without breaking your bank, you can save a lot if you’ll go to tiny local eateries. 

These food hubs specialize on a single dish. Say, for example, they serve only ramen. You can enjoy it at a lower price compared to fine dining restaurants. Nevertheless, even with a cheaper food option, you can still get the same quality of Japanese food experience.

#2 Keep your plates clean and orderly.

Many countries don’t mind if you leave your plates covered with crumpled napkins and other garbages. But in Japan, it is customary to observe cleanliness and orderly before leaving your table. If you have used napkins, it is ideal to fold them neatly. Otherwise, you’ll be getting raised eyebrows from locals and restaurant staff for being ill-mannered.

#3 Don’t eat anything on the streets.

I know it’s tempting to eat some Japanese finger-foods while walking on the street and exploring the exceptional beauty of Japan, but please don’t do this. It’s against the Japanese food etiquette. You are not supposed to eat anything outside of restaurants, eateries, and other food-serving establishments. They consider it rude.

#4 Sake is poured until it spills.

Don’t be too surprised whenever you encounter a restaurant staff or a local pouring you an overflowing sake. This gesture is like a token of appreciation for your visit. The overflowing glass means abundance and gratitude to the Japanese. Instead of calling them out for an overpoured sake, learn to show your appreciation by saying thank you or in Japanese, “Arigatōgozaimashita.”

#5 Eat some of their odd meal servings.

For a full-on Japanese food adventure, have the courage to try their slimy and wiggly food options. Some local food stores sell weird seafood that you can even eat alive! Think of munching the eyeballs from a giant tuna.

The Japanese have a tradition of never missing out any tiny part of the sea creature. Hence, they eat every part of the seafood.